End of Poland and Arrival to Israel!!

//End of Poland and Arrival to Israel!!

End of Poland and Arrival to Israel!!

IST visited Majdanek Concentration Camp in Lublin, Poland and then spent the final day in Warsaw going to the Nozyk Synagogue, Warsaw Cemetery, and walk of remembrance to see many of the memorials.

Majdnanek Concentration Camp – Lublin, Poland


Warsaw – Cemetary and Nozyk Synagogue

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Memorial

Arrival to Israel!!!

A few blog posts from IST participants:

Hezekiah’s tunnel was the littest not lit thing I’ve ever done. After only getting three hours of sleep we arrived in Israel and went straight to Jerusalem. We walked to the City if David where we ate an amazing breakfast (already 10 times better than Poland). Next we began our journey to the tunnels. We began our descent underground it felt like an Indiana Johns amusement park ride at Disney Land. As I am jumping up and down with excitement, I find out that we weren’t even in the actual tunnels yet. When we really did arrive we entered a cave with a blue light and running water. At this point we’re solidifying the order going in- Aspen was in front of me and Jared was behind. Entering, it was 100% pitch black. For a half mile we walked single file through a three foot wide tunnel with freezing water running along our ankles. Everyone was screaming and laughing- singing songs and squeezing the person in front of us. It was the best introduction to Israel I could ask for. by Jake S. (IST Participant)

Today was the kick off of our adventure in Israel. It all began last night at 12:00 AM at the Warsaw airport with the words “our flight’s delayed an hour.” What a way to begin the next 48 hours, with no sleep whatsoever! I was exuberantly awaiting the change in atmosphere from the saddened and depressing Poland to the new and invigorating Israel. After finally arriving in the holy land, we headed straight for the ancient water tunnels for our treacherous hike through the demanding terrain of H2O. After emerging from the depths with only minor concussion we changed and got ready for the the one and only Wester Wall. Arriving at the security gates I noticed the immense security presence and immediately gained a sense of comfort and security inside of this sacred ground.

Praying at the western wall was a surreal experience knowing the thousands of years and millions of people that have been there to pray. In conclusion, the day may have started off with a few obstacles but through team work and friendship it ended with a lovely Shabbat. Shabbat Shalom everyone, I’ll talk to you after the sabbath.  By Seth C. (IST Participant)

Kotel (Western Wall)



Shabbat in the Jerusalem Hills

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