Hiking, planting trees and visiting the Knesset

//Hiking, planting trees and visiting the Knesset

Hiking, planting trees and visiting the Knesset

IST had a great day yesterday with our short hike on the Masrek Trail, planting trees, visiting a tank museum, a tour of the Knesset and then hearing from an amazing speaker (Neil Lazarus) at the hotel.  We are off to the Negev today so the blog may not be updated again until Thursday or Friday!!  Looking forward to a great few days camping in the desert 🙂

Blog Post by Eva C

Is really cool
Super hot
Really tired
Always hungry
Entertaining staff
Long bus rides

This past week and a half has been full of emotions but, most importantly laughter and fun. Poland was hard yet so important to experience and Israel has been so fun yet so interesting to learn about. I can’t wait to see more and experience the culture of this beautiful country.

Blog Post by Lily N
It’s really fun in Israel and I am really excited to camp in the desert! I have truly enjoyed our time in Israel so far after a sad trip to Poland. However, I am very glad to have learned everything I did and to now have an amazing time in Israel!!

Blog Post by Taylor R
Week 1 done,
So much fun!
People everywhere,
Joy in the air!
As the city rushes at night,
The homeland buzzes with life!

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