Dead Sea, Bedouin Tent & Massada

//Dead Sea, Bedouin Tent & Massada

Dead Sea, Bedouin Tent & Massada

Blog post by Anna F.

There’s something so special about this country. For once in my life, I am not the minority being jewish and it feels amazing. The past 10 days have been life changing to say the least. Everyday has been action packed and incredibly memorable. Dancing around a campfire in the negev desert with 89 of my new best friends is an experience I will never forget. Standing hand in hand under the moon with the sound of a guitar and the words of the sh’ma is powerful. As we continue our trip, I’m continuing to learn about Israeli culture, build new friendships, and create endless memories.

Vidor Center – A Window to ARAVA agriculture

Dead Sea

Blog post by Mark P.

This week we visited the Negev desert and camped there for 2 days. It was much too hot to hike from 10-8 so instead we visited Ramon’s crater and learned about Israel’s first and only astronaut. We also swam and had an amazing time socializing and relaxing under the baking sun, exploiting all 100+ degrees of heat. After the 2 days in the desert we stayed in a kibbutz with many entertainment options where I met many Israelis and incoming Juniors from upstate New York. Also, prior to our arrival to the kibbutz we visited the coastal city of Eilat to experience “banana boating” and then snorkeled with the fish of the Red Sea. In conclusion, this week has been a rough one with the rather intense cold going around, but through the curtain of sickness I have experienced an absolutely amazing week and am super excited to see what’s to come!

Bedouin Tent & Camel Riding

Blog post by Ari L.

The past weeks parsha was chukat. In this parsha, the Torah discusses laws of cleanliness, wars with neighboring peoples, the deaths of Aaron and Miriam, and Gd prohibiting Moses from entering the land of Israel after striking a rock. After finishing the second week of our trip, we have become much closer and have experienced the blessing that is the state of Israel. As with this parsha and cleanliness, we visited the concentration camps of Poland and shed tears. The deaths of Aaron and Miriam changed the way Judaism was practiced at the time. Their descendants were responsible for maintaining the traditions of Judaism and sustaining the Jewish people. After visiting Poland, we each have a unique understanding of what Judaism means to us. However, Unlike Moses we have had the opportunity to come into this beautiful country.


Poem by Seth C & Zach F

The desert, hot and dry
Blistering sun high in the sky

Red Sea, not so red
Snorkel and banana boat left me a shred

Sleeping on the bus everyday
Waking up to the sound ay, ay

Playing soccer, broken legs
Just as bad as the airplane eggs

Stinky ice cream is what I was told
Now my nose is very cold

Sleeping in beds is very cool
110 degrees is very cruel

Archaeological dig found some pottery
Almost like I won the lottery

Hiking in the dessert with the vulture
Havdallah is our culture


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